Tom's Funeral/wake

Created by Kath 7 years ago
Someone asked the other day if there was a colour theme/dress code for your funeral - there wasn’t, but we didn’t realise what a BIG mistake. Tom as you were a Sunderland supporter can we apologise for the wave of toon army lookalikes that attended, the black and white was everywhere.
You had a good send off the whole church, vestry and church hall were packed to the rafters, also some friends were standing outside.
A great tribute to a great man.

At the wake so many people wanted to toast you and say goodbye, we were like sardines you would have loved this. It was like your 60th all over again, but this time the guest of honour was missing. Although you were not with us in body you were with us in spirits ‘oops’ I meant spirit, well having said that I think I was right the first time, with family and friends just reminiscing on times gone bye.

No doubt you will still be having parties, baking in the big kitchen upstairs – well here’s hoping, but keep the noise down.

You will always be on our minds and forever in our hearts.
Lots of love and rest in peace we all miss you.
Kath and Den XX