If only the vicar knew I wanted to say something!

Created by Calum 7 years ago
My Uncle Tom, in my eyes a larger than life character, a man who lived his life to the full, always with a smile on his face!
He enjoyed his cricket and football and was always at his happiest when around his family and friends! He was also more than just an uncle to me, he was a friend, best friend and a person who was always there for me when I needed it! He was one of the funniest people I knew, whether it was one of his funny quips, sexual innuendos ( which we all knew to well) or his near the knuckle dodgy jokes, very dodgy in that matter! Followed by that cheeky dirty laugh of his which I'm sure is another thing we all knew to well! He most certainly knew how to enjoy himself!

So to finish, I say goodbye to my Uncle Tom, friend, best friend and baking buddy!
goodbye Uncle Tom! Thanks for all the memories and all the great times we've had together! And don't forget to save me a place at the baking table for when I eventually join you!

Lots of love Uncle Tom